Princess Ramona, Beloved of Beasts


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A very hungry creature is troubling the kingdom. A very grumpy king is locking up all suspicious critters, the tall and the small, while a tender-hearted and determined princess is setting them free. 

The fire-breathing culprit is captured in friendship’s embrace and begins to change his ways but not before a knight comes stalking the beast, looking for his first dragonish trophy. Will the princess be able to save the dragon from the knight? And if the villagers’ flocks and crops are off-limits, how does one feed a large, rambunctious dragon?

A narrated, intricately illustrated read-aloud digital book optimized for the Retina iPad.


8 thoughts on “Princess Ramona, Beloved of Beasts

  1. Ruth Ingulsrud narrates her own story perfectly. The rich language, complemented by the lush illustrations of Thérèse Larsson, will appeal to grown-ups and intrigue young readers.

    • Hi JonJon, Good question. I am working on another story that is set in the arctic in Canada where the polar bears live. I’m not done yet, though. Your question has given me more motivation to keep working on it.

  2. Wow Ruth! So proud of you! The description here has sold me, and I am not even a kid. I would love to check a copy of this out from you sometime soon!

    • Hi Kay, We have a larger format hardcover copy (handmade) of this book in our library now to be checked out. Hope to see you at school soon. We are on Winter Break till Wednesday, Feb. 21.

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