Volcano Rabbit

Do your knees quake at the intimidating title of “Volcano Rabbit?”volcano-rabbit

If only this tiny bunny had the power and majesty of a volcano to get the world to take notice. Instead, the world’s second smallest type of rabbit is quite decidedly endangered and its range is limited to the pine forests near the peaks of a few inactive volcanoes in Mexico. The Volcano Rabbit, or Zacatuche, is slowly disappearing as its habitat disappears.

Humans build homes on the rabbits’ lands; cattle and sheep move in and eat up its main food source, the “zacaton” bunch grass; forest fires gobble up the rabbits’ neighborhoods. Life is not easy for these little short-eared bunnies.

The Volcano Rabbits’ only defense is running and hiding. Although it industriously maintains tunnel runways through the dense grass to use as escape routes and its grey fur blends in nicely with the volcanic soil, this poor little critter has trouble avoiding the insensitive “Elmer Fudds” out there who try to shoot those “pesky rabbits.” As somebunny once said, “For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.” (Carl Sagan) Even the world’s second smallest rabbit matters in the cosmic vastness. Love them and protect them. (Thump-thump.)

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