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Princess Ramona Video Review

Natasha's ReviewA “Princess Ramona” fan posts her own audio review of the digital book!

“I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who likes humor, cute stories and magical things.”

“It’s just so adorable and I love how she’s so adventurous.”

“I like how it ends in friendship. In all the other fairytale stories, they fall in love and they slay the dragon, but I actually quite frankly like dragons… in the end, it’s friendship.”

This reviewer’s favorite verse in the book goes like this:

“The bored little princess began to explore

Each hummock and valley beyond the hut’s door

She climbed every tree and explored every path,

Returning each night for a scrub in the bath… which she didn’t enjoy.”

Princess Ramona in Tree


View the video by clicking the link below:



Princess Ramona in Tub

Review from Barbara C. Burgess!

Barbara Burgess knows a thing or two about knights and dragons. She studied medieval English literature and did her graduate studies at McGill University, Canada; her thesis supervisor studied with C. S. Lewis at Oxford University. Ms. Burgess is a writer, editor, book reviewer, and teacher.

Barbara C. Burgess Barbara writes, “Princess Ramona, Beloved of Beasts, is a beautifully written and exquisitely illustrated book. I stopped myself from adding the words “book for children,” because I think that people of all ages will love the book. How could they not? The pictures immediately draw you into the story; the Swedish artist, Therese Larsson, is a master of light and colour.”

“The tale, crafted by author Ruth Ingulsrud, recounts a story that is original, lively, and uplifting. It takes a real expert to use rhyming techniques in a manner that doesn’t sound forced. Ruth Ingulsrud has a magical way with words and her use of rhyme works. Children will love to hear the heroine’s story and learn how she feels for all the animals in her country and wants to save them from captivity. There are twists and turns to this story, which is very well-paced. I’d altogether recommend it for people who love to read—as a famous Renaissance poet once said—’words which teach by delighting.'”

Thank you, Barbara, for your wonderful review!

The Magic Manuscript

The Magic Manuscript

Barbara’s first book, The Magic Manuscript: Book One – Voyage to Eve Ilion, was published as a paperback and eBook in 2011 and has been earning excellent reviews. Her latest fantasy book is THE MAGIC MANUSCRIPT: THE NINE COMPANIONS. You can find her website at www.burgesswrite.com.